Babysitting Services

We offer referrals for a variety of on-call babysitting services.

Whether you’re a busy family that needs a sitter periodically on a regular basis, or if you’re in a bind and need reliable childcare at the drop of a dime, we can help. Based on your needs and specifications, we will match your family with a dedicated babysitter or nanny that you and your family will not only be comfortable, but impressed, with. From your first phone call, our unique process takes into account, among other things, personality, needs and expectations  to match your family with the best possible fit.

You will always have a fully screened, certified and/or licensed babysitter or nanny who will work with you and your family to incorporate engaging activities into your children’s routine based on your individual preferences. Each of our caregivers is held to the highest standards in providing the utmost in safety and quality, bringing more – more flexibility, more dependability, more security – to your family. We will provide everything necessary for your kid’s safe and happy childhood.

Featured Services

Special Needs Care

Only the highest quality of care and expertise in assisting children with special needs based on their unique care requirements. Any time and in every setting.

Sitter Services

Caring, fully screened babysitter and nanny services, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Bringing more convenience, more dependability and more security, to you and your family.

Pediatric Nursing

Personalized pediatric nursing homecare for children and infants with a wide range of needs. Whatever your child needs, our highly skilled care professionals can help you.

Our Services

Babysitter services range from babysitter and nanny services to highly skilled pediatric nursing. Let us show you how we deliver a Higher Standard of Care for you and your family.


Single Requests

Make a single request from your online account or call directly and request an area representative. We assign sitters based on your preferences, past assignments, and our staff availability. When your assignment has been accepted, you will receive a notification by e-mail and the sitter will contact you directly to introduce himself/herself. This is a short process and it usually takes up to 5 minutes.

Regular Events

If you are looking to use the same sitter on a weekly basis, a "regular event" is a great option! Any regular event (an event that reoccurs weekly) is set up with one assigned sitter with Babysitter coordinating any need for an unexpected substitution. In case the selected sitter is busy, we will pick another one that corresponds to the needs of your child.

Last Minute Requests

Once you place your sitter request, our babysitting referral service is immediately notified of the request and starts working right away to match you with an available sitter. Even though we guarantee to fill requests made over seven calendar days in advance, we will always work diligently to fill all requests. There is no minimum time frame to request a sitter.

Hotel or Travel Guests

Visiting or new to town? We can help! Once your membership is approved, you are eligible to use our services in any Babysitter location nationwide. Even if you are travelling all over the USA and have to make a stay at the hotel, our babysitters can handle all your caring needs. Contact our managers directly for further details including schedule and pricing.